What does recovery look like after being hospitalized with COVID-19?

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  • December 24, 2020

April Pruski, M.D., a Johns Hopkins rehabilitation physician, says recovery looks different for various people, but you'll find you've got shortness of breath, muscle weakness or fatigue following hospitalization for COVID-19. it's also expected that you simply might experience changes in thinking and remembering (brain fog or cognitive difficulties), anxiety or depression.

A unique aspect to being within the hospital during the coronavirus pandemic is that the lack of visits from your relations and friends. These visits are limited if allowed at all due to safety precautions around spreading the virus. Rehabilitation psychologist Megan Hosey Mastalerz, Ph.D., says such social isolation can increase your risk for anxiety, stress, cognitive changes and post-traumatic stress disorder after your hospitalization.

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Regardless of the symptoms you'll have after being treated for COVID-19 within the hospital, rehabilitation specialists can assist you return to things that are important and meaningful to you, says Pruski. “We can assist you move forward and find new ways to try to to what you probably did before,” Pruski says. “Your recovery may mean adapting to a replacement way of living.”

For example, if you regularly feel breathless or tired, an occupational therapist can explain energy conservation techniques to form tasks easier, like sitting instead of standing to organize food. If you're unable to sleep or have symptoms of depression, a rehabilitation psychologist can work with you to enhance the symptoms through talk therapy. “We can help people find out how to measure meaningfully with any persistent symptoms,” says Hosey Mastalerz.

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