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  • October 13, 2020

The guava may be a tropical fruit with a rough outer skin and a sweet seedy flesh. It gives off a fragrance which is analogous to lemon. The outer skin is green and changes color to either yellow, maroon or green when ripe.

Types Of Guava :

Strawberry guava :  Small fruits which are very juicy and filled with flavor. it's a red skin and a white flesh.

Pineapple guava : Tangy fruit used often to form jellies, with edible flowers. features a green smooth skin, oval shape with a creamy yellow flesh.

China white : Green skinned, white fleshed large fruit which is extremely aromatic. it's a troublesome fruit and may be eaten unripe.

Beaumont : With a pink sweet juicy flesh and yellowish skin, it is a medium sized guava.

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Mexican cream : This guava features a sweet spicy flavor with a yellow skin, cream colored flesh and nice fragrance.

Red Malaysian : Pretty enough to be grown as an ornament, it's a red flesh and green skin.

South African : A cream skinned pink flesh guava that features a mild flavor and a crisp texture.

White Indian : A medium sized white fleshed guava grown nowhere near India, it's a superb flavor and may be eaten slightly unripe.

Costa Rican Cas : Small fruit with a smooth green skin, white flesh, used most popularly in juices with an acidic flavor.

Usage : Aside from simply enjoying the fruit dipped during a little salt, it's also utilized in many desserts, mocktails, jellies, candies, jams and marmalade. Red guavas can sometimes be used a substitute for tomato for a lesser acidic flavor. The fruit and leaves also are wont to make tea.

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Health Benefits : It regulates vital sign , may be a remedy for constipation, reduces the rick of diabetes, features a very high content of vitamin C and also benefits thyroid function. It improves brain function, help with female fertility problems, improves eyesight, protects against prostatic adenocarcinoma and is extremely good for the skin.

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