Huey Long Quotes About Life And Politics From The 40th Governor Of Louisiana

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  • February 20, 2023

Huey Long served as a member of the Senate and was known by his nickname, 'Kingfish'. Huey Long was born on 30 August 1893 and died on 10 September 1935. Huey was an American Politician and the 40th Governor of Louisiana, from 1928 to 1932.

The political philosophy of Huey Long included sponsored reforms for the poor. Huey Long quotes were based on his life and experience serving on a Senate floor in the United States.  Capitalism led to divisions i.e. while some had wealth that lasted for generations, others had nothing. Here are some best Huey Long quotes from the American politician.

1."My voice will be the same as it has been. Patronage will not change it. Fear will not change it. Persecution will not change it. It cannot be changed while people suffer. The only way it can be changed is to make the lives of these people decent and respectable. No one will ever hear political opposition out of me when it is done." -Huey Long.

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2. "I'd rather violate every one of the damn conventions and see my bills passed than sit back in my office, all nice and proper, and watch'em  die." -Huey Long.

3. "Only I know that laws ain't made that way. You've got to fight fire with fire." -Huey Long.

4. "Always take the offensive- the defensive ain't worth a damn." - Huey Long.

5. "I can frighten or buy ninety-nine out of every one hundred men." -Huey Long.

6. "I was born into politics, a wedded man with a storm for a bride." -Huey Long.

7. "A perfect democracy can come close to looking like a dictatorship, a democracy in which the people are so satisfied they have no complaint." -Huey Long.

8. "If they gotta leave, they can go to Hell and stay there." -Huey Long.

9. "We are either going to apply the laws which were given from Heaven, or country is not going to last." -Huey Long.

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10. "We do not propose to say that there be no rich men. We do not ask for wealth. We only propose that when one man more than he and his children...can spend for or use in their lifetimes, that then we shall say that such person has his share. -Huey Long, Share Our Wealth radio address, 23 February 1934.

11. "Before this miserable system of wreckage has destroyed the life germ of respect and culture in American people, let us save what was here, merely by having none too poor and none too rich." -Huey Long.

12. "I would describe a demagogue as a politician who don't keep his promises." -Huey Long.

13. "Whenever this admiration has gone to the left I have voted for it, and whenever it has gone to the right I have voted against it." -Huey Long.

14. "You are giving a little man a biscuit to eat, and you put a barrel of flour more taxes on top of his head to carry." -Huey Long.

15. "Not a single dime of concentrated, bloated, pompous wealth, massed in the hands of a few people, has been raked down to relieve the masses." -Huey Long.

16. "You may have covered up the grave, but you have not buried the corpse very deep." -Huey Long.

17. "Anybody that lets his public policies be mixed up with religious prejudice is a plain fool." -Huey Long on Adolph Hitler.

18. "We ought to take care of every single one of the sick and disabled veterans...every man that wore the uniform of this country is entitled to be taken care of, and there is money enough to do it...." -Huey Long.

19. "We shall have to say right here and now that the hand of imperial finance shall go no farther into its strangulation of the American people...." -Huey Long.

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20. "The trouble is, Roosevelt hasn't taken all of my ideas; just part of them. I'm about one hundred yards ahead of him. We're on the same road, but I'm here and he's there." -Huey Long.

21. "The trouble is we've got too many men running things in this country that think they're smarter than the Lord." -Huey Long.

22. "Treat them just the same as anybody else, give them an opportunity to make a living, and go get an education." -Huey Long.

23. "A man is not a dictator when he is given a commission from the people and carries it out." -Huey Long.

24. "if fascism came to America it would be on a program of Americanism." -Huey Long.

25. "I'm for the poor man- all poor men, black and white, they all gotta have a chance. They gotta have a home, a job, and a decent education for their children." -Huey Long.

26. "The time has come for good men to rise above principle." -Huey Long.

27. "It ain't enough to get the breaks. You gotta know how to use em." -Huey Long.

28. "Your tears in this country have lasted for generations. Give me the chance to dry the eyes of those who still weep here." -Huey Long, Evangeline Oak campaign speech, 1928.

29. "The Bible's the greatest ever book written. But I sure don't need anybody I can buy for six bits and a chew of tobacco to explain it to me." -Huey Long.

30. "We have got everything our people need...why not let all have their fill and lie down in the ease and comfort God has given us." -Huey Long, Share Our Wealth speech, 1935.

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31. "All I care is what the boys at the forks of the creek think of me." -Huey Long.

32. "You will find that you cannot do without politicians. They are a necessary evil in this day and time..." -Huey Long.

33. "Sure, we have fascism in America but it'll come disguised as hundred percent Americanism." -Huey Long.

34. "Corrupted by wealth and power, your government is like a restaurant with one dish..." -Huey Long.

35. "Hard work is as overrated as monogamy." -Huey Long.

36. "I do not want the voice of people shut out." -Huey Long.

37. "The only difference I've ever found between the Democratic leadership and the Republican leadership is that one of them is skinning you from the ankle up and the other from the ear down." -Huey Long.

38. "In a political fight, when you've got nothing in favor of your side, start a row in the opposition camp." -Huey Long.

39. "They kept hollering, and I simply had to put my foot down. I said I'm the governor and I say the ignorant in this state have to learn, blacks as well as whites. And they learned." -Huey Long.

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40. "I'm a dyed-in-the-wool party man. I don't know just what party I am in right now, but I am for the party." -Huey Long.  

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