Some tips to love your partner again and make him do that too!

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  • July 13, 2020

Falling in and out of love are two sides of the same coin. While everything that seemed exciting and romantic initially, may fade away with time. We tend to get busy with our work and have lesser time for our partners or spouses, which makes it all the more difficult to build on our relationships. But that’s not to say that we don’t want to feel loved or stay emotionally connected with our partners. If one is truly inclined to revive back the love and adventure in their lives, then there are many ways you could make your partner notice you even more and shower you with love. That being said, here are some things you could do to bring back the romance in your life again.

1. If you’re feeling too emotionally distant with your partner, the best way to retrieve back the love quotient in your relationship is through communication. Opening up about your problems and expressing your feelings to your partner, can not only lighten up your heart but also enhance the romantic bond between the two of you.

2. Relationships can get boring with time. In order to keep the spark alive, you must ensure that you surprise your partner from time to time. Take the time out and make them feel special by doing something for them. Plan a dinner date or a fun evening with games and movies. This will really bring back some of the memories from your initial days and revive back the romance.

3. It is crucial that you prioritize your partner at all times. Whether you’re busy with work, family or friends, never let your partner feel any less important than them. Making them feel like a second choice might not be the best idea if you’re thinking of restoring your love life back to its initial stage.

4. Space is extremely important in every relationship. It determines the amount of trust you place in your partner and the level of confidence you have in your relationship. If you’re the type who continuously stalks their partner’s social media account or checks up on them from time to time, then you should definitely put an end to it. Once you give them their independence, they’ll start acknowledging your efforts too.

5. Showing gratitude for the efforts your partner puts into pleasing you is another way to uplift your relationship. A relationship works if both the partners are appreciative of each other. Therefore, it is crucial that you applaud them for their efforts and make sure you do your bit to show your appreciation.

6. Relationships are bound to have disagreements. But instead of criticizing your partner for it, respect their views and opinions, even when you don’t agree with them. You can present your ideas without demeaning theirs. This will inculcate the intellectual intimacy between the two of you and also maintain the romance in your relationship.

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