Why Setting Relationship Goals Can Be a Good?

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  • September 9, 2020

Relationship goals are shared goals which two partners share to improve some aspect of the relationship. Some examples of relationship goals include:

- Improving communication so each person always feels like they’re being heard and loved.

= Supporting one another more unconditionally

- Not arguing about X anymore (fill the blank with whatever stupid topic always seems to trigger a heated argument)

- Building better relationships with one another’s parents

- Becoming fitter or healthier together

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Setting relationship goals helps you focus on the progress of your relationship as opposed to the end goal. Many couples fall apart after they get married because one or both persons had deeply embedded and unrealistic assumptions about what happens after you wed. They believed that marriage was some extraordinary end goal that would transform everything and make them perfectly happy. However, the truth is that relationships are just like life: they take a consistent, long-term effort to keep strong and healthy.

Relationship goals allow you to not only make constant improvement a part of your relationship, they turn that focus from the end result to progress itself. That’s valuable because it’s in the feeling of progress that we find happiness. How happy we are at any given moment is directly proportionate to how much progress we believe we’re making at that moment as a whole.

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If we feel like our personal or professional life is really moving, we’re almost always happy. And so that, as opposed to the temporary pleasure we get from achieving or acquiring something, is our best source of happiness.

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