How Is Discernment Counseling Different Than Marriage Counseling?

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  • October 12, 2020

Why Should We See A Discernment Counselor instead of Start With a wedding Counselor? Discernment counseling may be a specific niche within the industry. Its sole job is to supply clarity as to if a relationship are often fixed, and see if the problems mentioned are often left within the past. While a discernment counselor can help a few identify the precise contributing factors to their defunct relationship, also as explore potential solutions, it's not designed to repair problems. It’s a short-term talk therapy with one objective: determining will a wedding work, or will it end?

Statistics On Discernment Counseling : When Doherty released data on his methodology of counseling struggling partners, he came to the subsequent realization:

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- 47% of couples chose reconciliation and moved onto guidance

- 36% successfully reconciled

- 41% decided to separate or get divorced

- 80% went through with the divorce

- 12% of couples chose to remain in flux; they didn't want to divorce but also didn't want to repair the problems

- 51% of couples had a minimum of one party contact a lawyer before starting discernment counseling.

While the study was comprised of alittle sample of married couples, it fell in line with national statistics of married versus divorced couples.

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