Tomatillo and their nutritional profiles.

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  • September 15, 2022

The tomatillo belongs to the nightshade family of plants alongside tomatoes, eggplants and bell peppers. With the alternate name of ‘Mexican husk tomato’, tomatillos are a staple in Mexican cuisine. In terms of appearance, they a little similar to a large green tomato. Tomatillos are the main ingredient in various central American sauces as well as green salsas.

Nutritionally, tomatillos are a good provider of vitamin C;

Calories: 32 kcal

Carbohydrate: 5.8 g

Fiber: 1.9 g

Sugar: 3.9g

Fat: 1.0 g

Protein: 1.0 g

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Vitamin C: 20% RDA

Vitamin K1: 13% RDA

Vitamin B3: 9% RDA

Potassium: 8% RDA

Manganese: 8% RDA

Note: Tomatillos are a tangy Mexican staple that play a key role in green salsa and other green sauces.

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