Some Diet Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

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  • October 15, 2020

A healthy diet during pregnancy is extremely important. Below you'll find 10 diet tips which will help be healthy during your pregnancy:

1. Monitor your weight. a lady gets a mean of 10-12.5 kg during pregnancy, but weight gain depends largely on the woman’s starting weight and sort of pregnancy, e.g. if it's a twin pregnancy. If you started pregnancy with a couple of more pounds, the goal is to realize as little weight as possible. However, weight loss over this period is contraindicated. Consult a specialist if you gain quite 3 kg or but 1 kg a month.

2. specialise in quality, not quantity. The energy requirements during pregnancy don't require you to “eat for two”, but you've got to settle on nutritious foods to satisfy yours and your baby’s needs.

3. Aim to consume three servings of dairy products each day . One serving is defined together cup (240 ml) of milk, 200 grams yoghurt or 40 grams of cheese. attempt to choose low fat dairy products.

4. Eat fibre rich foods, not only will they fill you up but also will keep your bowel moving.

5. Eat small and frequent meals (every 3-4 hours).

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6. Drink many fluids and avoid an excessive amount of salt.

7. you'll enjoy caffeine carefully (1-2 cups of sunshine coffee a day). don't forget that tea, cola and chocolate also contain caffeine.

8. Limit the consumption of alcohol, soft cheeses, liver, offal and enormous oily fish from northern seas throughout pregnancy.

9. Be very careful with food hygiene: thoroughly wash fruit and vegetables, cook well meat, chicken, eggs, fish, use different cutting boards for vegetables and meat and take care when eating out.

10. Exercise – always with the permission of your GP/midwife. Even brisk walking offers you major health benefits.

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