Some Treatments for Birthmarks

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  • June 21, 2020

Can Birthmarks Be Removed?

There are several treatments available for getting rid of birthmarks. Here are a few of them. Depending on the location, birthmarks may or may not require removal. Most times doctors will ask you to be patient and wait to see if they disappear on their own. However, sometimes early treatment might be useful, especially for disfiguring birthmarks. 

Steroid hormones : Also called corticosteroids, these medications are used to control swelling and inflammation in the skin. They can be taken in a tablet form or via injection into the birthmark to induce shrinkage and stop it from growing bigger.

Laser treatment for birthmarks : Laser treatment for birthmarks is short pulses of high-intensity laser light used to remove superficial birthmarks. The advantage of this technique is the lack of 
scarring after the procedure.

Surgical removal : This step is taken only if other methods have not been fruitful, and if the birthmark poses serious health complications. It is a minor procedure and is performed 
under local anaesthesia.

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