Spiritual Boy Names with Meanings ( Part - 1 )

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  • October 15, 2020

Aaron : This popular name of Hebrew origin means ‘high mountain’ or ‘exalted’. Aaron was the brother of Moses and worked as his spokesman in Exodus.

Adam : This name of Hebrew origin means ‘man from the red earth’. In Genesis, Adam was the first human on earth.

Bardo : This name of Tibetan, German and Aboriginal origin means ‘water’. Saint Bardo was the bishop of Mainz, in Germany.

Christmas : Derived from an English origin, Christmas is commonly chosen for babies born in the month of December. This name suggests festivity and fun.

Clement : Originating from Latin, this baby boy name means ‘mild’ or ‘merciful’.

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David : Originating from Hebrew, this traditional name means ‘beloved’. David was the second king of Israel and established Jerusalem

Ethan : This name of Hebrew origin means ‘solid’ or ‘enduring’. Ethan the Ezrahite was famous for his wisdom and is said to be the author of Psalm 89.

Ezra : This Hebrew name means ‘help’.  In the Old Testament, Ezra the Scribe led a group home from the Babylonian exile and reinforced the Torah in Jerusalem.

Felix : Felix is a Latin name that means ‘fortunate’. In the New Testament, Felix was the Roman procurator of Judea.

Gideon : Gideon has a Hebrew origin which means ‘Hewer, one who cuts trees’. Gideon was a military leader chosen by God in the Bible.

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