Goddess of Hunting Names From Fiction And Mythology

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  • January 17, 2023

A hunting deity is a divine being or Goddess in folklore related to the chasing and hunting of creatures and animals.

Hunting creatures for food was a fundamental part of life in many early societies and it is still hugely important in many societies today. Also today, an enormous number of individuals engage in hunting for recreation and sport.

Huntresses are important figures in the folklore of many different societies. Huntresses in folklore are presented in conflicting ways, which mirrors the idea of hunting itself, to be a successful huntress, one should understand and be at one with nature, whilst simultaneously accepting that the outcome of hunting involves some destruction of nature.

Huntresses can be found in folklore, history, and fantasy stories. These huntresses had impressive skills and abilities, ranging from instinct and methodology to accuracy and power.

Here are some Goddess of Hunting Names From Fiction And Mythology:

1. Alala (Greek origin) means "buttercup".

2. Antigone (Greek origin) means "against, compared to, like".

3. Antheia (Greek origin) means "flower". One of the orderlies of the Greek Aphrodite. She was the Goddess of blossoms.

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4. Aphrodite (Greek origin) means "Goddess of love and beauty". This name is from the Greek pantheon.

5. Arete (Greek origin) means "excellence". This name of a Greek God was related to strong characteristics, such as greatness and dauntlessness.

6. Artemis (Greek origin) means "butcher". Artemis Fowl gave this name a male turn, however, it is really the name of the Greek Goddess of the wild.

7. Asia (Greek origin) means "sunrise". The name of the daughter of the Greek ocean God Oceanus.

8. Asteria (Greek origin) means "star". The perfect name for a twin sister of Astraea, with the same meaning.

9. Astraea (Greek origin) means"star". The perfect name for a twin sister of Asteria, with the same meaning.

10.  Athena (Greek origin) means "Goddess of wisdom". This is the name of the Goddess of wisdom, firmly identified with Greece's capital Athens.

11. Augusta (Latin origin) means "great, magnificent".

12. Aura (Greek origin) means "soft breeze".

13. Aurora (Latin origin) means "dawn". Aurora was the Roman Goddess of daybreak.

14. Avalon (Latin origin) means "the isle of fruit". A Latin Goddess name from history and also the goddess of the hunt.

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15. Abnoba (Celtic origin) means "divine waters". She was a Celtic Goddess of the hunt.

16. Apate (Greek origin) means "fraud". In Greek mythology, she was the representation of deceit. She was the daughter of Nyx, the female personification of night.

17. Aegle (Greek origin) means "brightness".

18. Alcyone (Greek origin) means "kingfisher". She is the Goddess of the sea and hunting God. She is the daughter of Aeolus, wife of Ceyx, mother of Hippasus, and 
Queen of Trachis.

19. Aimend (Irish origin) means "sunburn". The name of a legendary hunter.

20. Airmed (Irish origin) means "beautiful ". A name of the Goddess of war from ancient times.

21. Anaka (Hausa origin) means "embrace".

22. Angelos (Italian origin) means "messenger". The is the name of this Greek divinity of death.

23. Amphitrite (Latin origin) means "sea". She was the Goddess of the sea and the daughter of Nereus and Doris.

24. Arduinna (Celtic origin) means "wooded heights". She's the Celtic Goddess of the Ardennes and a huntress that rides a wild hog.

25. Andromache (Greek origin) means "man fighter". She was the warrior Queen of Mycenae and Tiryns.

26. Ananke (Greek origin) means "force, constraint, necessity". A Greek Goddess of compulsion and necessity. A warrior Goddess from ancient times.

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27. Astarte (Babylonian origin) means "myrtle". Astarte, a Greek-Egyptian Goddess, was associated with richness and war.

28. Antiope (Greek origin) means "against, compared to, like". She is the Greek warrior Goddess and mother of Zeus, the God of the sky.

29. Ate (Latin origin) means " one acted upon".  She was the Goddess of ruin.

30. Aife (Irish origin) means "beautiful, radiant". A Goddess of archery from history.

31. Aglaia (Greek origin) means "shining one". She was the Greek Goddess of splendour.

32. Beyla (Spanish origin) means  "beautiful". One of Freyja's workers in Norse folklore.

33. Branwen (Celtic origin) means "blessed raven". The principal character of a notable Celtic legend.

34. Benthesikyme (Greek origin) means "wave of the deep". She was the Greek Goddess of waves.

35. Belisama (Celtic origin) means "brightest one". A Norse Goddess of the hunt.

36. Bellona (Roman origin) means "baloney".  The Roman hunt Goddess is also considered the wife of Mars. She was also known as the Roman Goddess of war.

37. Bia (Greek origin) means "Bea". A hunting Goddess from history.

38. Brigantia (Celtic origin) means "the elevated one". Brigantia was a late Celtic Goddess of triumph.

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39. Britannia (French origin) means "land of the Britons". This hunting Goddess from ancient times is the Goddess of warfare and water.

40. Ceto (Greek origin) means "sea monster". She was the early sea Goddess of dangers.

41. Elbereth, was the Sindarin name of the Vala Varda. Her name is found in 'The Lord Of The Rings'.

42. Elentari, the Quenya title of Varda, in the renowned anecdotal universe of Tolkien's Arda.

43.  Varda, Sovereign and maker of the stars in Tolkien's anecdotal universe of Arda. Varda is most dreaded by the awesome detestable ruler Melkor.

44. Baby Bonnie Hood, is an anecdotal character in Capcom's 'Darkstalkers'.

45. Cad Bane, a fictional character from 'Star Wars'.

46. Barb Wire, was a superhero huntress featured by Comics Greatest World, in 'Dark Horse Comics'.

47. Bridget, is an anecdotal character in Arc System Works 'Guilty Gear' computer game. Bridget initially showed up in the 2002 computer game 'Guilty Gear X2'.

48. Fiona Glenanne, is an anecdotal character in the TV show 'Burn Notice', played by Gabrielle Anwar.

49. Gunsmith Cats, a Japanese seinen manga series composed by Kenichi Sonoda.

50. Iria, a fictional character from the series 'Zeiram The Animations'.

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51. Jazinda, is an anecdotal character showing up in American comic books distributed by Marvel Comics.

52. Mazikeen, is an anecdotal character in a comic book distributed by DC Comics.

53. Stephanie Plum, is an anecdotal character and the hero in a series of books by Janet Evanovich.

54. Durham Red, is a British comics character, initially appearing in 1987 as a female companion and sweetheart for Johnny Alpha in the long-running comic book series 'Strontium Dog'.

55. Rikku, is an anecdotal character in the 'Final Fantasy' series.

56. Roronoa Zoro, is an anecdotal character in the 'One Piece' series made by Eiichiro Oda.

57. Silver Sable, a fictional character from American comic books distributed by Marvel Comics.

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58. Emma Swan, is an anecdotal character in ABC's TV series 'Once Upon A Time'. She is played by Jennifer Morrison as a grown-up, Abby Ross as a youngster, and Mckenna Grace as a kid.

59. Asajj Ventress, is an anecdotal character in 'Star Wars'.

60. Ilana Verdansky, is an anecdotal character on the ABC TV show 'Lost' played by Zuleikha Robinson. Ilana is introduced in the sixth scene of the fifth season of 'Lost' as an official loading up Ajira Airways Flight 316, with Sayid in her guardianship.

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