Spiritual Girl Names with Meanings ( Part - 1 )

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  • October 15, 2020

Aisha : This name of Arabic origin means ‘prosperous’ or ‘womanly’. Aisha was also the name of Prophet Muhammad’s beloved wife.

Assisi : This name of Latin origin denotes to a Tuscan town of Italy where famous saint Francis, the Catholic saint of animals lived.

Bliss : This name of English origin means ‘perfect joy’. Spoken in a single syllable, it evokes supreme happiness.

Cielo : Pronounced as Cheh-loh, this romantic name of Spanish origin means ‘sky’ and ‘heaven’.

Chloe : This springtime name of Greek origin means ‘young green shoot’. It also the name of the Goddess of fertility and agriculture in the Bible.

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Damaris : This name of Greek origin means ‘calf’ ‘gentle’. In the New Testament, Damaris was an Athenian woman known for her charitable work.

Elizabeth : Derived from the Hindu name Elisheva, Elizabeth is formed from the combination of ‘el’ meaning ‘God’ and ‘shava’ meaning ‘oath’.

Evangeline : This spiritual name means ‘good tidings’ with nicknames like Angie and Angeline.

Fortune : This unisex name of Latin origin means ‘luck, fate, wealth’. In the Roman Empire, this name belonged to the goddess of chance and happiness.

Gabrielle : Meaning ‘God’s bravest woman’, Gabrielle is the French feminine form of the Hebrew name Gabriel.

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