Spiritual Girl Names with Meanings ( Part - 3 )

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  • October 15, 2020

Priscilla : This ancient name of Latin origin has been derived from Prisca or Priscus. It means ‘venerable’,’ ancient’, or ‘classical’.

Rebecca : This name of Hebrew origin means ‘to join or tie’. In Genesis, Rebecca was the wife of Isaac.

Ruth : This Hebrew name means ‘companion’ or ‘vision of beauty’. An aesthetic choice for your pretty girl.

Shiloh : This Hebrew name originates from ancient Israel and means ‘peace’.

Susanne : This Vintage name of Hebrew origin means ‘Lily’.In modern Hebrew, it means ‘rose’.

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Talitha : Talitha means ‘little girl’ and originates from Aramaic. In the New Testament, Jesus raises Talitha from death.

Vashti : Vashti is a unique Hebrew name meaning ‘ beautiful’. In the Bible, Vashti was the queen of Persia.

Yael : This Judaic name of Hebrew origin means ‘to ascend’. Spelt Ya’el, this name is popular in Israel.

Zephyr : This unisex name of Greek origin means ‘west wind’. A perfect pick for a carefree and happy-go-lucky girl.

Zipporah : This unique name of Hebrew origin means ‘bird’. Zipporah was the wife of Moses in the Bible.

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