Spiritual Girl Names with Meanings ( Part - 2 )

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  • October 15, 2020

Halo : Derived from the Greek origin, Halo means ‘Divine Aura’ or the circular aura of light depicted above the head of the holy angel.

Hannah : This name of Hebrew origin is derived from the Biblical word Channah with its root in the Old Testament.  Hannah means ‘favour’ or ‘grace’.

Infinity : Apt for wishing your baby long life, this unisex name of American origin means ‘endless’.

Joanna : Derived from Hebrew, Joanna is a Biblical name which means ‘God is gracious’.

Kezia : This Biblical baby girl name of Hebrew origin means ‘cinnamon’. It has great spiritual significance.

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Leah : Derived from Hebrew, Leah, in the Bible, was the first wife of Jacob.

Maria : This name of Hebrew origin means ‘mistress or lady of the sea’.

Martha : This elegant name with an Aramaic origin means ‘the lady’. Associated with the helping professions, Martha hosted Jesus at her home in Bethany.

Naomi : This Hebrew name means ‘pleasant’. This Biblical name appears as the mother-in-law of Ruth, the great-grandmother of King David.

Orpah : Orpah is a Biblical name with a Hebrew origin and means ‘back of the neck’ or a ‘fawn’.

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