Yogurt With Banana And Flattened Rice

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  • September 8, 2022

Doi Chira is a authentic Bangladeshi food. In this recipe flat rice or chira soaked several hours in water then mix with yogurt, sugar, banana or some sweet fruits.


- Tok doi(plain yogurt)/Curd - 1 1/2 cup

- Chira/Poha/flattened rice - 1/4 cup

- Muri - 1 cup

- Sugar - 2-3 tablespoon or to taste

- Salt - a pinch

- Banana - 2 large

- Mango - 1 cup sliced fresh or frozen

- Bedana - as required for garnishing

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Method: Wash and drain chira and muri. Soak the chira and muri into water until soft or at least 2 hours. Once soft, then drain all water. In a bowl mix yogurt, salt and sugar. Now mix soaked chira-muree into yogurt mixture. Keep into refrigerator for one hour, Garnish with chopped banana, sliced mango and bedana. Serve chilled.

This recipe is taken from http://zuranazrecipe.com/

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