Bangladeshi Morog Polao Recipe

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  • September 5, 2022

In the world of Bangladeshi recipe Morog Polao/chicken biryani is one of the easy chicken recipes and it has a well known stage. This chicken biryani recipe is greatly arranged for eating with family and any special event also. It is highly prepared by the people of Bangladesh. You could also serve it for entertaining your guests in any occasions. I could assure you that you would get something new in your taste world and would adore it very much.  


- You need 450 gm Polao rice.

- A medium size chicken.

- Would needed 2 kg and 250 gm for it.

- You need finely chopped onion 1 cup.

- You need ginger 2 table spoons.

- Garlic paste needed 2 tablespoon.

- You need Nutmeg ½ tablespoon.

- Mace needed ¼ tablespoon.

- You need Cloves 1/8 tablespoon.

- ½ tablespoon Cardamom.

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- Cinnamon of ½ tablespoon

- You need 1-3 tablespoons Yogurt.

- 1 tablespoon Lemon juice

- Raisins 2 tablespoon.

- Kumara water 2 tbsp

- You need ½ tablespoon of Saffron.

- Sliced Almonds 2 tablespoons.

- Sliced Pistachios 2 tablespoons.

- You need ½ cup of milk.

- You need Ghee/Butter oil 1 cup.

- Testing salt according to your choice. You might use 1 tablespoon.

Method: At First you would soak the saffron in kumara water properly. You would soak in water Almonds and Pistachios. Then you would slice those thinly. Now clean the chicken and remove its skin from the body of the chicken and make four or five pieces for it. Then you would Heat the ghee and fry the onion in ghee until it becomes crispy and turns into brown color.

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Now put the chicken into the onion and carry on frying until it comes into the light brown color. Now you have to mix the garlic, ginger, spices and salt with the chicken pieces into the pan. Keep the chicken prices into normal heat and keep those into heat for 2-4 minutes.

Now pour 3-4 cups of water and cover it. After cooking 12-15 minutes you would mix lemon juice, sugar and green chilli into it. Make sure it is properly mixed with the chicken pieces. When you would see that there is about 1 cup of water you would stop heating. While the cooking is being processed mix the milk into it. You would also add kewara and pistachio powder with it and keep stirring it. Now you would heat the rest oil in the other pan. Keep frying the rice until it becomes crispy.

Now pour 3-5 cup of water in the rice pan and mix salt with it. When the rice would start boiling covers the pan and leaves it in the medium heat. When the water dries stop heating it. Now you would depart the 50% of cooked rice and put the chicken prices into it. You could mix some onion and milk with it. Then you would put the pan on the little heat and cover it. Keep heating for 20-25 minutes. Keep stirring it occasionally. When it looks cooked stop heating. Your cooking is finished.

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Now it’s time to serve. Serve I hot with salad. After complete cooking it you should put importance on the presentation. If you could present it properly it would look testier and your guest and your family members would also be more interested to prefer it. You should definitely try it. I hope you would love it. You should definitely try it to have a new experience of taste. 

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